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City Dance San Francisco 1978

City Dance Edinburgh 2012

Based on Anna Halprin's City Dance

"an unforgettable experience ...utterly magical ... fantastically rich ... I have never before danced with the environment in the way we did. City Dance Edinburgh , Dancing with the City, the fabric of the city and the people of the city." - City Dance Edinburgh participants 2011

Dear Friends of City Dance

If you would like to creatively respond then here is a City Dance Score:

1-Take a moment during your day in the city to appreciate what you see around you.
2- Notice through your senses, what you see, feel, touch, taste, hear.
3- In movement, offer a small gesture to the environment, a person, yourself.
4- Notice Your body posture and physical sensation, emotional feelings, and any images, thoughts or words that arise.
5- Post any Aesthetic response , what you saw, felt , Imagined here at the end of the Day.

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Facilitated by Taira Restar (USA) and Audicia Lynne Morley (Scotland)

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Special thanks to the Anna Halprin archive for use of original City Dance photos
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